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Gangsta Wraps (Take The Throne) 12"

12 Inch €8.00

Release Date: 30/09/2016

Discs: 1

1 Gangsta Wraps (Take The Throne)

Scorzayzee forms GM UNIT; an elite 'wrap' crew in order to 'Take The Throne' from fast food giants Ronald McDonald, Burger King and Colonel Sanders and install the guerrilla food brand; Gangsta Wraps

2 Equestriansim (Remix/ Posse Cut)

Scorzayzee subpoenas allies Jehst, Micall Parknsun, STAN and Oshea in this posse cut remix of Equestrianism. 

3 Gangsta Wraps (Take The Crown)

The sequel to 'Take The Throne', Scorzayzee raps an unapologetic taunt aimed at the treacherous 3 junk food villains after parring them out the game and off the block. Things seem to be gearing up for all out warfare in the fast food/junk food industry, hold on to your chips as you're forced to decide: Burgers or Wraps!?

4 Double Dragon 

"Chess and Scorz are like a Double Dragon see me walking through the ends with my knuckles draggin through the rubble braggin that its nothin just to bubble bag 'em"

Scorzayzee and Chester P are masters of lyricism and stand out like two monoliths with rhymes of ancient and esoteric origin. This collaboration took the Producer stejallan almost 10 years to bring together. Featuring DJ woody on Cuts, this version also samples Alan Rickman's Sheriff of Nottingham drilling home the point that Nottingham is still full of literary rebels and outlaws.

1) Gangsta Wraps (Take The Throne)
2) Equestrianism Remix feat. Jehst, Michael Parknsun, STAN, Scorzayzee, & Oshe
3) Gangsta Wraps (Take The Crown)
4) Double Dragon feat Chester P Hackenbush & Dj Woody